Something Bey and I share in common. She’s so humble bout it tho!

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grey’s anatomy | text posts

Everything I needed summed up into one post.

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this child is more beautiful than any adult i’ve ever seen

She is so pretty AHHH

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One of Beyoncé’s models for her VMA Vanguard Award performance tells a story about how Beyoncé comforted her before the show began. So sweet!

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Dream conversation

Me:CRAP. *searches bag and pockets*
Person:What?! What's wrong?
Me:Just looking for fucks to give cuz last time I checked I'm all out.
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More good vibes here
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Don Benjamin | Cycle 21
For: Forever21 Men


Don Benjamin | Cycle 21

For: Forever21 Men

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i hate looking ugly the first time i meet someone like wait i can do better than this i swear

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And at the end of the day, I just want someone to call at night so we can talk about each others’ day and how other people have impacted our lives within the past 24 hours. I want to talk about the things we learned over that period of time and set goals for the new day ahead. I want us to exchange corny lines and fight over who loves each other more rather than fear loving someone too much. And I want to be so secure with our relationship that we could go days without talking or walk past other people without being envious. I don’t want to be afraid to lose someone, I want to be grateful to have someone.

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That butt:leg ratio doe.

That butt:leg ratio doe.

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i woke up like dis

Blue needs her own Vine acct.

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